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Elliot Ebara Turbo Machinery Corporation, Japan

Technical Advisory Support, Marketing Support & Project Engineering Support for Centrifugal Compressors as per API 617 , Steam Turbines as per API 612 , FCC Hot Gas Expanders for all projects in India , Engineering Services and Specialised services related to Process Simulation for projects in India and abroad.

Unozawa Gumi Iron Works Ltd, Japan

Technical Advisory support & Marketing Support for Positive Displacement Roots Type Blowers for all projects in India thru R.S.Associates)


Rotating Equipment Engineering Services for H2 Unit Bina Refinery  

DAIDO Machines Japan

Technical Advisory & marketing Support for Gas Strainers and filters for oil & Gas Industry.
Thru R.S.Associates.

Clark Reliance USA

Technical Advisory support for Fuel gas filtration
thru R.S.Associate

Training to Process Engineers on Centrifugal Compressors and Steam Turbines.

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